Closing the Gaps in Medicare Coverage with Supplemental Health Insurance

The California metropolitan area is home to hundreds of thousands of people aged 65 and over who receive federally funded Medicare health insurance or will be eligible to receive it soon. Most of those people are in or approaching their senior years—an exciting time of personal growth and exploration but also a confusing time for health insurance planning. Many people are surprised to learn that there are gaps in Medicare coverage. To ensure that their life savings are not exposed to the high cost of uninsured medical needs, millions of seniors buy private health insurance that closes the gaps in standard Medicare coverage. This supplemental insurance is often called “Medigap” insurance.

Failing to close the gaps in standard Medicare health insurance coverage can cost a fortune. For example, Medicare Part A insurance covers most hospitalization costs, but it comes with significant coinsurance requirements and deductible amounts. Medicare Part B, which covers many standard medical services, pays up to eight percent of costs approved in the Medicare guidelines. However, if a doctor charges more than the guidelines allow, it is up to the Medicare patient to pay the outstanding balance. The patient also must meet the annual deductible before Medicare Part B coverage begins.

Medigap insurance is not overly expensive because it covers only those areas left open to exposure by Medicare. The professionals at Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc. are experts in Medicare coverage and supplemental insurance. We know where the exposure lies and how to eliminate it. We can find a supplemental insurance provider and policy that protects you from the devastating effects of uninsured medical expenses.

No one should spend their senior years worrying about exposure to runaway medical costs. Allow Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc. to safeguard your life savings from gaps in Medicare coverage by finding the right Medigap supplemental policy for you! 

Let us do the work and find out what plans your doctors work with and what plans have the most cost effective prescription coverage.

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